Marcos Sandoval
Primus Movens, Photoshop
Self Portrait, Photoshop
Slow Thinker, Photoshop
Slow Thinker, Photoshop
Self Portrait, Photoshop
Art Direction Magazine Cover, Photoshop
Charleston Magazine Illustration, Photoshop
Lincoln Continental Concept, Photoshop
Dracula Book Cover, Photoshop
EA Character Design, Photoshop
EA Football Logo Design, Illustrator
EA Game concept image, Photoshop
EA Vehicle Design, Photoshop
Eagles of Death Metal Poster, Gouache on Illustration Board
PETA Poster, Photoshop
Molotov Rock Concert Poster, Acrylic on Illustration board, Photoshop
Strangers in Bath tubs, Pen and Ink on scratchboard
Kids Camping Magazine Illustration, Photoshop